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Frequently Asked Questions:

If you don’t expect to use your plan that often, pay close attention to recurring costs to see if there’s an opportunity to save money. But remember: It’s impossible to fully plan for the unexpected, so be sure to also factor in the cost of getting care if (and when) you need it.

It’s always hard to see situations like this coming, so it’s wise to be sure that your plan makes care affordable if you need to use it. In the end, you’ll want to aim for a good balance between expenses you can plan for (like monthly premiums, deductibles and the out-of-pocket maximum) and ones you can’t (like copays or coinsurance you pay only when you need care).

Health insurance companies work with different doctors and clinics to help you get the best deals on your care. Getting care from a person or place your plan covers saves you money. On the other hand, getting care somewhere else may mean your health plan pays less, leaving you with bigger bills. That’s why you’ll want to check that the doctors and clinics you expect to visit will be covered by the health insurance plan you’re considering.

It’s not unusual for people to get so focused on the medical details of their health insurance plan they forget to look at the prescription drug coverage. These costs can add up, so be sure to review the plan’s formulary (drug list). The formulary will tell you which drugs are covered and how much they’ll cost. That way, you can better plan your budget for any current drugs you’re taking (and any future ones you might need, like antibiotics).

Waking up with a sore throat or sinus infection is never fun. When it happens, you want to feel better and find care – fast. Everyone gets sick from time to time, so before it happens, consider how easy your plan makes it to find covered care. With this information in mind, you’ll know where to go and what to do as soon as you feel the first inklings of illness coming on.