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Frequently Asked Questions:

This first answer to this question will depend on the state where you live. At a minimum, most states require liability insurance, which covers the cost of accident-related injury, death, vehicle damage, property damage and legal fees.

The cost of insurance partly depends on the coverages, deductibles and policy limits you choose. It is also based on your “risk rating” — a calculation used to determine the likelihood that you will be making a claim in the future. Factors such as the age, gender, driving record, insurance score and garaging location of the vehicles on your policy will largely determine the price of your premium.

It is a popular misconception that car insurance will automatically cover the replacement or repair of your car, as well as towing or rental car fees, after an accident. The reality is, without the right coverages, you may not have these benefits.

Protecting drivers, passengers and pedestrians who are injured — or worse — in an accident is a top priority. That’s why bodily injury liability insurance is the most important auto coverage a driver can have, covering accident-related expenses such as hospital and medical bills, lost wages, rehabilitation and legal fees.

How much you will pay out-of-pocket for accident-related expenses depends on your policy limits, coverages and deductibles, as well as the specific circumstances of the incident.